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Scooter skills training resources

Four young people riding scooters.

Lesson plans, posters and teacher resources to support scooter training.

Running scooter skills courses at schools? Use and adapt these resources to support students.

Thanks to Greater Wellington Regional Council and New Plymouth District Council.

Scooter Ready poster [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Scooter Ready teacher resource [PDF, 758 KB]

Let's Go scooter skills session plan [PDF, 4.3 MB]

All scooter training resources [ZIP, 8.1 MB]

The poster lists the key things young people can do to scoot safely.

The teacher resource has:

  • an outline of a skills session
  • safety checks and strategies teachers can help kids learn
  • games to promote skills and confidence
  • example scooting licence.

The scooter skills session plan has:

  • detailed session plans
  • glossary
  • risk assessment (RAMS) form
  • consent form.
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