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Map classroom activity Tipi Haere

Printable resources for students to map safe routes to school. Thanks to Wellington City Council.

The map box activity on page two of the activity sheet can be adapted for use anywhere in New Zealand. Use it with primary students and their teachers as part of classroom activities. 

NZ Curriculum links: Social studies, Mathematics, Key competencies (Using language, symbols and texts; Participating and contributing).

Downloads to support this project

Below you will find:

  • An activity sheet which has instructions. Students will need help using your preference of mapping app to generate a map of the local streets around the school.
  • A sheet of fun stickers which can be printed, cut out and pasted onto their maps to highlight features of their route.
  • An example map featuring Ngaio School.

Map Activity Sheet [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Map Stickers  [PDF, 491 KB]

Map Example  [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Download all Tipi Haere resources [ZIP, 4.4 MB]

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