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Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

PukeahuPukeahu National War Memorial Park was built to mark the centenary of the First World War. It opened in time for Anzac Day 2015, 100 years since the Gallipoli landings.

The LEARNZ team ran four virtual field trips for school students to watch the development of the park take place.

The development involved the creation of Arras Tunnel, putting part of State Highway 1 underground in central Wellington to make room for the park above.

Virtual field trip resources remain online, including background reading, starter activities, videos, photos and audioconference recordings.

Teachers can also access a complete list of learning resources from the field trip website:

Memorial Park: trips 1-4 (LEARNZ)(external link)

Video highlights

Field trip summary for Memorial Park 1

Field trip summary for Memorial Park 2

Field trip summary for Memorial Park 3

Field trip summary for Memorial Park 4


Newsletter 24 cover

Download the newsletter

This newsletter is a summary of the  Pukeahu field trips.

It gives teachers a taste of the details, and hints at the big ideas that trip resources can continue to support during classroom learning.

Education Portal newsletter 24 Pukeahu: transformation of a memorial park [PDF, 2 MB]

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