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Children's feet.All the resources you need for setting up a walking school bus at your school.

Walking School Bus Coordinators Guide 2023 cover [PDF, 363 KB]

Updated 2023

A walking school bus involves students and adult supervisors walking in a group to school. 

Each ‘bus’ walks along a set route with at least one adult ‘driver’ picking up children at designated ‘bus stops’ and walking them to and from school. 

This guide provides schools with a step-by-step process to establish walking school bus routes with their community.

Walking school bus: coordinator's guide [PDF, 363 KB]

Supporting resources

Each PDF file contains editable fields where you can enter details specific to your school. You can also download everything as Word documents for further editing.

All supporting resources as PDF [ZIP, 6.3 MB]

All supporting resources as Word docs [ZIP, 876 KB]

1. Letter to parents and caregivers [PDF, 645 KB]

2. Text for school newsletter [PDF, 643 KB]

3. Survey [PDF, 1.7 MB]

4. Guidelines [PDF, 718 KB]

5. Volunteer roster [PDF, 639 KB]

6. Child roster [PDF, 646 KB]

7. Parent roster [PDF, 643 KB]

8. Route plan [PDF, 653 KB]

9. Consent form [PDF, 754 KB]


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