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Health (driving and medication impairment)

Medicine bottles, wine cup and bong.

Everything is here for NCEA Level 3 students to analyse medication impaired driving as a New Zealand health issue.

Revised 2023

It can be unsafe to drive when taking medication which impairs or affects your driving ability. Driving while impaired is a problem in New Zealand, affecting drivers of all ages.

Students examine the implications for the well-being of people and society and the major determinants of health. From this analysis, they  recommend health-enhancing strategies. High quality data is provided along with resources designed with SOLO Taxonomy. 

Supports assessment for Achievement Standard 91461: Analyse a New Zealand health issue (5 credits at NCEA Level 3).

This curriculum resource was written by teacher Haley Charles and trialled with students at Upper Hutt College. Read more in this news article:

NCEA health students study effects of medication on drivers

Download the whole curriculum resource

Get everything described below with one click.

Health NCEA L3 all files [ZIP, 35 MB]

View the resource by section

Unit Outline [DOCX, 336 KB]

Internal Assessment Resource [DOCX, 153 KB]

Section A Introduction

Section A lesson plan [DOCX, 334 KB]

Section A resources [ZIP, 3.4 MB]

Section B medication impaired driving is a health issue

Section B lesson plan [DOCX, 335 KB]

Section B resources [ZIP, 9.2 MB]

Section C Implications for well-being

Section C lesson plan [DOCX, 333 KB]

Section C resources [ZIP, 3.1 MB]

Section D Determinants of health

Section D lesson plan [DOCX, 334 KB]

Section D resources [ZIP, 12 MB]

Section E Strategies to reduce the risk

Section E lesson plan [DOCX, 334 KB]

Section E resources [ZIP, 5.4 MB]

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