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The School Traffic Safety Teams training video

This is the official training video series for students, supervisors and school staff involved in running a School Traffic Safety Team. 

School Traffic Safety Teams include school patrols, school wardens and bus wardens.

Published in 2019 by the NZ Transport Agency in partnership with the New Zealand Police.

Captions available in English and Māori. Click on the cog icon in each video to select language.

New for 2024: School patrol pedestrian crossing video in spoken te reo Māori. See below.

Part 1: Introduction

Teams include school patrols which operate on pedestrian crossings and kea crossings, school wardens who work on less formal crossing points, and bus wardens. 

Part 2: Pedestrian crossings

Student volunteers explain how they operate a school patrol on pedestrian crossings. Includes procedures for setting up the patrol and operating the patrol. 

Part 3:  Kea crossings

Kea crossings are temporary crossings in operation before and after school. Students, police officers and supervisors explain what you need to know about kea crossings, including the differences to pedestrian crossings.

Part 4: School wardens

School wardens are trained student volunteers who tell other students when it is safe to cross, most commonly at an unmarked crossing point, but also sometimes on pedestrian crossings where no school patrols are operating, or at traffic-light crossings. Unlike school patrols, wardens do not have the power to stop traffic.

Part 5: Bus wardens

Bus wardens are students who ensure everyone travels safely on the school bus, including getting on and off. In this video, bus wardens explain their role.

Part 6: Supervisors

Supervisors are teachers or parents who help school patrols or school wardens. School patrol members and wardens are trained by the Police. Supervisors get involved day to day to ensure patrols are following their drills correctly.

Part 7: Setting up

Principals, teachers and parents talk through the practicalities of their involvement in teams, how teams are set up and the benefits for everyone involved. Teams include school patrols, school wardens and bus wardens.

School patrol video in spoken te reo Māori

Here is the School Patrol pedestrian crossing training video spoken in te reo Māori.

Special thanks to the staff and students of Te Puāwaitanga, Birkdale Primary School.

Version with te reo Māori subtitles.

Version with English subtitles.


Download the school patrol commands

A list of the basic commands in te reo Māori.

Image of school patrol commands document. [PDF, 234 KB]

School patrol commands in te reo Māori  [PDF, 234 KB]

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