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Keeping safe around trucks

Curriculum resources for young people to contribute, connect and extend their ideas about keeping safe around trucks on New Zealand roads.

Updated 2023

Learning activities are mapped against Levels 1-4 of the New Zealand Curriculum, which loosely align with Years 1-10 of school. This means teachers can use these resources to select suitable learning experiences for students in primary, intermediate or secondary (Years 9-10) classes.

These resources are designed to support deep learning. Coverage includes:

  • Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Physical Education

Trucks and truck drivers keep our country going. Truck drivers would like all students (walking, cycling or on scooters) to know the following:

Trucks are big (tall and long) and heavy. When we share the roads with big and heavy vehicles like trucks, we need extra strategies to keep ourselves safe. Keep a safe distance from trucks at all times. Do not play on or around trucks. Make sure you are visible around trucks.

Read more about the creation of this resource:

Safety around trucks is focus for curriculum resources

Download the whole resource

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Everything as Word docs [ZIP, 2.9 MB] Everything as PDF [ZIP, 1.9 MB]

Prior knowledge

Activities for finding out students’ ideas about safety around trucks.

Trucks Curriculum resources 1 (prior knowledge) [DOCX, 1 MB]

Bring in ideas

Resources include articles and videos, “See Think Wonder” activities, and working in groups to create a 90-second video of a “mockumentary interview” with a “trucker” designed to capture one idea the trucker wishes they could share with students.

Trucks Curriculum resources 2 (bring in ideas) [DOCX, 489 KB]

Connect ideas

Mass matters. Use models to compare and contrast the stopping distance of vehicles with different mass. Plus other activities to connect ideas about mass, velocity, braking, blind spots and more.

Trucks Curriculum resources 3 (connect ideas) [DOCX, 336 KB]

Extend ideas

Investigate the future of trucking from autonomous vehicles to new power sources. Students complete Fact – Explanation – Future Thinking cards. Or analyse a future trucking scenario and generate possible solutions.

Trucks Curriculum resources 4 (extend ideas) [DOCX, 465 KB]


Exemplar Fact – Explanation – Future Thinking cards for teacher use. Plus table of NZC achievement objectives.

Trucks Exemplar cards (Fact-Explanation-Future) [DOCX, 448 KB]

Trucks NZC Achievement Objectives [DOCX, 339 KB]



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